Dec 11It Begins…
Dec 14Packing for the Trip.
Dec 15…Ready…Set…


Jan 7Time Travel!
Jan 8Helmet’s Name…
Jan 11Prehistoric…
Jan 12Is that a…
Jan 13Balletodon?
Jan 14Made of Meat.
Jan 15Carl vs.Iggy…Start!
Jan 18What! No Way?!
Jan 19Prehistoric Limo Service.
Jan 20The Past is Boring.
Jan 21Some Dinosaurs Eat Meat.
Jan 22Danger!
Jan 25The Broken Helmet.
Jan 26Stuck in the Past.
Jan 27Waiting for Modernity…
Jan 28Me Carl! Need Food!
Jan 29The Absence of Light…
Feb 1The Morning.
Feb 2Theology?
Feb 3Mountaineeeeer!
Feb 4A River Between Us.
Feb 5There. Did we Solve All the Great Mysteries Yet?
Feb 8Flower Patch!!!
Feb 9Complain-a-thon.
Feb 10The Daring Duo!!
Feb 11In the Shadow of the Oncoming Night.
Feb 12Here Comes the Sun(set)!
Feb 15Sooo Sleeeepy…
Feb 16Dreamventure!
Feb 17Nerdshark!
Feb 18Low-rez Carl.
Feb 20Anotherbosslevel
Feb 22Zip’s Dream.
Feb 23Moooonie-men from The Moon.
Feb 24Zip in an Elevator…
Feb 25The Mooncore!
Mar 1Zip Fights The Moon!
Mar 2Helmet’s Dream…
Mar 3Good Morning, Good Mooorning…!
Mar 4The Afterlife Blues…
Mar 8Occam’s Razor Cuts Thus…
Mar 9Texting or Binary…
Mar 10Hungry Hungry Carl…
Mar 11Who’s Afraid of the Dark?
Apr 2Enough, All Right?!
Apr 6Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet…
Apr 7Triceratopseses.
Apr 13What Do We Do With a Family of Triceratopses?
Apr 14The Battle Begins!
May 17Here Comes Carl!
May 19The Platform Blues…
Jun 1Never Give Up!
Jun 3What KIND of Cookies?
Jun 4Determination!
Jun 28Six Months Later…
Aug 4Wordplay.
Aug 6Sleepytime Gang.
Aug 11Today…is a Beautiful…Day?
Aug 13What’s in the Box–?!
Sep 1Prehistoric Recipe Du Jour…
Sep 15Turtle Chase–Go! Go! Go!
Sep 22The Hidden Nest!
Sep 29Breakfast?
Oct 1Bigggggest Dinner.
Oct 13The Great Egg Robbery.
Oct 20Zip is the Patient One…
Oct 22Buncha’ Junk.
Oct 27Snowflakes.
Oct 29Soulstorm~
Nov 3Blizzard!!
Nov 10Sweet Sweet Comforts of Home.
Nov 12The Cave Politic.
Nov 17IggyCave.
Nov 19What the–?!
Dec 1Catostrophicness–!
Dec 8Carl’s Story.
Dec 9New Quest…
Dec 15The Streets of New Denver…
Dec 17Delicious earnings.


Jan 12Sam Saturn–Part One!
Jan 19To Zeff We Go–
Jan 31Mustachio!
Feb 2Confrontation.
Feb 9The Secrets of Venus.
Mar 2Sam Saturn–Part Two!
Mar 9Omega Game Retrieved!
Mar 11Pizza vs. Quest
Mar 16And the OmegaGame Goes To…
Mar 18Sam the Gamer.
Mar 23Vs. Mode!
Mar 30Sam Saturn Triumphant!
Apr 6Winter of my Cognitive Dissidence…
Apr 8A Tickled Stomach.
Apr 13Maggots…
Apr 15I Think a Thunk was Thunk-ed.
Apr 20The Bear’s Guts.
Apr 28Shop@pucs…!
May 4Winterland!
May 6Holee–!
May 11Avalanche!
May 13Mr. Zip’s Wild Ride.
May 18Dance of the Dorks…
May 20The Bitter Breath of Winter…
May 25Sleep well, Carl and Zip…
May 27Sneaker Party.
Jun 1Dark Night of the Bore.
Jun 3Wakeupwakeupwakeup…
Jun 8A Cave Oddity…
Jun 10Stargazing.
Jun 15Enter…FLUFFY!
Jun 17It’s Rainin’ Bots…!
Jun 22Ancient Elven Voicemail.
Jun 24The Fluff!
Jun 29My Hero!!
Jul 8The Epic of Fluffy: part one.
Jul 15~Reversal of Fortunes~
Jul 20Enter Wallyrus!
Jul 27Inside the Inside-Out…
Aug 1It Takes Guts!
Aug 3What’s Behind Door Three?
Aug 5Playdate From Beyond…!
Aug 7Fluffy Part Two!
Aug 24Glorious Spring!
Aug 26Hide and Go Geek…
Sep 6Treeclimbers!
Sep 9Lullaby Gardens.
Sep 14A Quick Dip…
Sep 16Unwisely Sneaking up on Dinosaurs!
Sep 28The Mirror: part one.
Sep 30The Mirror: part two.
Oct 5The Mirror: part three.
Oct 7The Mirror: part four.
Oct 12The Mirror: part five.
Oct 14The Reflection.
Oct 19Exhibit A.
Oct 21An Interlude…
Oct 26B, C, D, E and F.
Oct 28Interlude 2…
Nov 2These Voices are Beginning to Make Sense!
Nov 11A Visitor…
Nov 16Silly Robot! I Wish We Had Sugar Cereals.
Nov 18Mission Accomplished…!
Nov 30What now, duder?
Dec 6The Secret…
Dec 8The Arrival…


Jan 9The Inherited Gift…
Jan 18The Aftermath…
Jan 20Helmet the Cowboy
Jan 25Initiating Shut Down Sequence, Y’all…
Feb 1Quite Shocking.
Feb 3Things!
Feb 8Stardate: Ancient!
Feb 10Daaaaark! Oh, wait–
Feb 14B.F.T.F’s
Feb 16Dinosaur Friend.
Feb 29Iggyopolis.
Mar 7First, Obsession…
Mar 9…then the compulsion.
Mar 14This Ancient House.
Mar 16Proof of Concept.
Mar 23The Siege of Castle Bird!
Mar 28Revise, Redraft…
Mar 30Step One: Massive Problems…
Apr 4Step Two: Running For Our Lives!
Apr 6Step three: Philosophical Variability…
Apr 11Step Four: Hindsight is More Painful than the Consequences.
Apr 13Step Five: Walk the Lonely Path.
Apr 16Step Six: Befriend No One.
Apr 18Step Seven: Hope Becomes Worse than Failure.
Apr 20Step Eight: In the End, its all for Nothing.
Apr 23Getaway Plans?
Apr 27Soldier of Destiny?
May 2Jailbreak!
May 4Home is Where the Multiverse has Hidden it–?
May 9The Room of Odd Tubes!
May 18Heading Home at Last…
May 23The Aggravation of Shoulds and Musts!!
May 25Enter…ZIPUM!
May 29A Very Brief History of an Alternate Universe…
Jun 1Are You Sure You Want to Shut Down?
Jun 20…Deeeep Thoughts…by Carl Beckett
Jun 22Rationalization or Humility?
Jun 26Philisophotropes.
Jun 28Rumble in the Cretaceous!
Jul 4Will and Testament…
Jul 6And Then There Was One…
Jul 19Farewell…
Jul 29Hello–Somewhere?
Aug 2Zip 2.0
Aug 7Salutations
Aug 9Robo-World Problems…
Aug 15A Series of Unhelpful Answers…
Aug 22Buy the Ticket…
Sep 4…Take the Ride.
Sep 8Xelda!
Sep 18Epochs Come and Epochs Go…
Oct 3The Journey of Karen Smalls: Part One
Oct 10The Journey of Karen Smalls: Part Two
Oct 18The Journey of Karen Smalls: Part Three
Oct 24The Bubbled Life…
Oct 31Processing!
Nov 7Workin’ at the Carl Wash…
Nov 15Cleaning up Nice.
Nov 27Finally, A Decent Wardrobe!
Dec 5Xelda! Xelda! Xelda!
Dec 12A Penny Saved is a AARGH–!


Jan 4Just…Breathe…
Jan 11Please Don’t Destroy the Universe…
Jan 17Mission Accomplished??
Jan 23Weston or Dyson?
Feb 7To Sleep…To Dream…
Feb 15Auto-Peel.
Mar 8An Automated Morning.
Apr 3Warriror Thunk 3: Gargoyle’s Revenge.
May 1Fifth and Sixth Grade Rad Kids!
May 17Gelalatin’ Around!
Jun 4You Want the Grand Tour?
Jun 19Schoolyard!
Jun 26Tabula Rosa–In All Sizes!
Jul 19Data Overlord?
Jul 24This…is…fifth…grade!
Jul 31Welcome to the Pres-en-ta-to-sphere!
Aug 7The Sloppies: Part One
Aug 14The Sloppies: Part Two
Aug 21Pilot’s Sloppy Conclusion.
Sep 26Reciprocyte Soup.
Oct 11I Guess I Just Assumed You Were a Mutant.
Oct 16Classy Thoughts…
Oct 31The Greenout!
Nov 2158 Lays it Down.
Dec 5Blueberricide!
Dec 11Extreme Overload!
Dec 18Let’s Quest!


Jan 2Four Years Adrift…
Jan 8The Lesson Plan
Jan 15Carl’s Greenout Journal.
Jan 22Hold your Breath, Carl and Zip!
Jan 29Zxefeo Films…!
Feb 6Return of Xelda!
Feb 12One Plus One Equals Mailbox.
Feb 20Brain! Storm!
Feb 26Flight of the Shadowmen.
Mar 6The Achoo of Doom!
Mar 14You’re Toast!
Mar 19Omininity!
Apr 2T.Q.I.F.!
Apr 2The Helmet of Wisdom!
Apr 9System Preferences
Apr 17Weekend Plans
Apr 23Boldly, He Goes…
Apr 30Skylarks!
May 7Remember me? We haven’t met…
May 14The Principal’s Office!
May 22Eagles and Moths
May 30Rules and Regulations
Jun 6Who’s Who?
Jun 11Property Rights
Jun 18The Mind of Cornelius!
Jun 25Skylarks and Spirals.
Jul 2Dinosaur Rolodex
Jul 17Fly, You Fool!
Jul 25Nice Flying, Sparrow!
Aug 21It’s All Downhill…
Aug 27Results!
Sep 4Shopping!
Sep 9H.A.M.
Sep 18It’s the 2418 “Shake Your Boots” Dance! Presented by ZXEFEO.
Sep 25Everyone Plays Rupture!
Oct 3The Johnny 4’s!
Oct 9Hay. Hay. Par. Tay.
Oct 24A Sudden Exit


Jan 28Booking it!
May 19Is This the End?
Jul 27The Crimes of Martin!
Sep 5Loud Realizations
Sep 22Martin Sylvester Thornecourt Wheatwaller Adams


Feb 1The Fate of the Rat
Jun 20Peoples are Peoples
Jun 21The Supreme Scion of the Sacred Scorpion
Jun 22Talking to Herself
Jun 23The Secrets of Wilson

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